Genomics Group Members

Crystal Jaing.  Group Leader. Microarray development: rapid and accurate diagnostic DNA detection assays to characterize a broad range of viral and bacterial pathogens




Nicholas Be. Characterization of microbial communities and pathogens that are of interest to public health and national defense.

Celena Carrillo Detection and identification of biological threat agents including human and agricultural pathogens with an emphasis on development, optimization, characterization, and validation of detection methods


Jeff Drocco.  I am interested in the application of quantitative methods to the study of complex phenomena in living systems, including morphogenesis, cell signaling, and cell differentiation.


Aubree Hinckley.  Bioinformatic analyses of microbial genomes. Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification Assay Development. Quantitative PCR Assay Development, Human and Microbial Forensics.              



Shalini Mabery.  Biomedical Scientist; develop and optimize microarray technology for a broad range of applications. 


James Thissen: numerous biodetection projects involving DNA and protein microarrays 

Elizabeth Vitalis: Biomedical Scientist; contributes to a range of nucleic acid and protein based detection projects including host-based peptide array, sepsis diagnosis detection panel, mAb development in collaboration with CDC poxvirus group; viral evolution studies



Lewis Wogan.  Development, assessment, and implementation of new bio-surveillance methods, technologies, and data analytics to support national defense and public health efforts.





Jessica Wollard.  Study the effects of muramidase like proteins in the lysis of Bacillus anthracis and in closely related Bacillus strains. Additionally, research the efficacy of methods used in the detection of pathogenic bacteria in environmental sampling.